E.K.E. is your premier provider for boiled, dyed eggs.

E.K.E. was the first to introduce this German concept to the Belgian market and is still market leader. Every year, 6,000,000 dyed eggs roll off the line, with a peak period between the end of January and Easter.

What does the Easter Bunny make?

·       Unicolor Easter eggs: 1 colour per egg, 6 different colours in one package

·       Rainbow Easter eggs: 3 colours on 1 egg , red/yellow/green

·       Spiral Easter eggs: 1 basic colour on the egg with spiral in different colour

·       Disco Easter eggs: 1 basic colour on the egg and speckles in different colour

·       Design Easter eggs: red/white/blue on 1 egg with an Easter bunny design



·       Goldies: golden eggs for the end of the year

·       Halloween eggs: orange eggs with black spiral

·       Football eggs: we support our team! (egg in black/yellow/red)

·       Pastel eggs: eggs in pastel shades, 6 different colours

·       Christmas eggs: white eggs with a Santa and red eggs with a Christmas tree


·       Your company logo printed on the egg!

  • E.K.E. made logo eggs for the VRT program Factcheckers. 15,000 of these eggs were handed out at the Central Station in Antwerp.

  • Dyed eggs are popular in Limburg, Liège and Luxembourg.


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