Meet Blanche!

White Belgian free-range eggs! 

Are white eggs more durable? 

YES! Blanche eats less food to produce 1 egg.

So you need less feed to produce these eggs. As a result, you also need less agricultural land for the production of the components of the feed. Blanche is also an athletic chicken: she has a lower body weight and she lays eggs longer than a brown hen. 
This, too, is more sustainable, because new chickens aren't bought as often. 

Is there a difference between a white and a brown egg?

No, in terms of nutritional value there is absolutely no difference between white and brown eggs. Blanche just has lighter skin! 


What does this mean: free-range eggs ?

Blanche always has a pasture available, on average 4 m²/chicken. She can walk around freely from sunrise to sunset. Providing shelter in the meadow stimulates a chicken's natural behaviour.


How do you know if a chicken is going to lay white or brown eggs? 
You can tell by the colour of the comb and the lobe. If they are light pink, the chicken will lay white eggs, if they are fire red, the chicken will lay brown eggs. 

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